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Dhirja offers leading coaching programs and works on multiple coaching companies with platforms that are making a big difference in people's lives over the years


Dive Deep Into Your Dream Life

Dhirja's Coaching Programs

Lyra Health

Lyra Health

Lyra Health is transforming behavioral health from start to finish. It's mission is to transform behavioral health care through technology with a human touch.

Dhirja is a Blended Care Coach at Lyra Health.



BetterUp provides the most personalized, comprehensive coaching experiences in the world β€” driving whole person growth and sustained organizational outcomes.

Dhirja is an Associate Coach at BetterUp.

Boon Health

Boon Health

You care about your people and you know that they each bring something special to your business. Boon Health's personalized coaching platform empowers your employees to become more resilient, authentic versions of themselves.

Dhirja is a Coach at Boon Health.


Energy Leadership

As an individual, you view the world through filters based on your experiences, values, and assumptions β€” they either limit what you see (like tunnel vision) or expand it (like a prism). You've most likely unconsciously developed these filters throughout your whole life and they significantly impact how you perceive things. This ultimately affects how you show up in different situations and could even be holding you back from realizing the full potential in yourself, your life, and your career. The ELI Assessment is an attitudinal analysis in applying metrics to these filters and assessing how they’re influencing the results you're achieving.


Dream Builder

This twelve week program establishes you on your journey to realizing your dreams through a series of practical steps that will help you realize your own set of values, establish boundaries and set up a blueprint with a plan to achieve it.

Hear Mary Morrissey describe the program here.

Financial Education

Financial Foundations

Over a period of several months, you will embark on a mission to achieve Financial Freedom. Starting with Financial Literacy, specific activities will help you identify your goals, and prepare yourself and your family for a financial future that you dream about - growth, safety, protection, and tax advantage.

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