Dhirja Gangopadhyay

As an ICF-accredited Coach and certified LifeMastery Consultant with the Brave Thinking Institute: The Premiere Training Center for Transformational Coaching, Dhirja can help you create a life that you love living. Dhirja specializes in helping young professionals and entrepreneurs build their dreams, accelerate their results, and create richer, harmonious, and more fulfilling lives. Lives that are balanced and connected with their core values. Dhirja provides coaching services through her website, as a Blended Care Coach at Lyra Health, an Associate Coach at BetterUp and as a Coach at Boon Health. Dhirja is also a certified Mental Health First-Aider.

For over 25 years, Dhirja has been studying and implementing transformational success principles, and as a sought-after speaker, trainer, and certified coach, Dhirja's workshops and coaching programs help people breakthrough limitations and achieve greater results than they have known before. With degrees in Public Health from Rutgers and certifications from the Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC), the National Financial Educators Council, the Institute for Inner Studies, and the Brave Thinking Institute, she brings a unique mix of experiences in customer service, public health and policy, medicine, financial education, insurance, spiritual development, and entrepreneurship to life and to coaching. With publications in mental health and financial education, Dhirja’s speaking engagements have transformed lives of many individuals and families.

Learn about yourself and how you are perceived, identify areas in your life for growth, plan to build your dreams upon a strong financial foundation, connect with your core values, establish your boundaries, and assess your energy profile to determine how you react when things are going well or when they are not. Equipped with these techniques, gain confidence, and achieve your next level of success, while enjoying the highest levels of fulfillment in life through Dhirja's coaching programs. Email Dhirja at d@dhirja.com to learn more about how you can achieve your dreams and create a life you truly love living. 

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Combining The Best Capabilities in Coaching


Certified Professional Coach



Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner



Certified Personal Finance Consultant

National Financial Educators Council


Life Mastery Consultant

Brave Thinking Institute


DreamBuilder Coach

Brave Thinking Institute

IFIS Pranic Healing

Advanced Pranic Healing

Institute for Inner Studies

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